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Vitamin C for cancer, heart disease and diabetes

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vitamin C is an extremely important nutrient in our body. Associated with treatment of all diseases, diabetes, colds to cancer. Most of the species itself is capable of producing it, but not humans. We have to consume from foods or supplements. Vitamin C affects the formation of collagen, which is located in the bones and ligaments, blood vessels and tendons. It also produces neurotransmitters that affect brain function and mood. It helps create vitamin E protects against free radicals and enhances iron absorption.

When you say, vitamin C, first at what you think is the flu. Its consumption is recommended to strengthen the immune system, in order to more easily resist the flu or colds. Often we turn to the main vitamin only when we get sick, but doctors assured us that in this way will not affect the development of disease. The body must invest before disease occurs.

U.S. National Institutes of Health notes that vitamin C does not prevent cancer, but its consumption of injections reduced tumor growth by as much as 53 percent. Cancers that are particularly affected by vitamin C as cancer of the mouth, throat, vocal cords, stomach, colon and lung. The research involved 870 men over a period of 25 years showed that 83 milligrams of vitamin C per day reduces lung cancer 64 percent.
Heart disease

Cardiovascular disease have declined by 42 percent of men taking 50 milligrams of vitamin C a day.However, women did not fare so well, their rate of disease declined by 25 percent.

Japanese researchers who have reviewed the 2.000 respondents, found 54 percent lower risk of stroke in people who eat fruits and vegetables, six to seven days a week. People who ate vegetables less than twice a week have presented a greater risk.

English experts have focused on the association between vitamin C and diabetes. Reviewed the history of many patients and found that those who consume high amounts of vitamin C have a 22 percent lower chance of getting diabetes. Vitamin C is contained in large amounts in citrus fruits, parsley, pepper, papaya, cabbage and sauerkraut (cabbage rolls). Surprisingly, cabbage has more vitamin C than citrus orange, lemon and grapefruit. This is the place for the denial of an urban myth that car for years: large amounts of vitamin C will not cause baldness!

source: www.srecaizdravlje.blogspot.com

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