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The most common misconceptions about food

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are there really so much egg cholesterol and should we only eat blueberries?

Every spring the majority of women getting dark on the eyes. Outside, the temperature climbs, but most of us would prefer to rest in tights and coats-because we know that we are shirking.

Cakes here and there, soft drink there, plus a sandwich at a fast food in the late night. With mayonnaise, of course! The result? Deposits on the hips, thighs, buttocks pain ... together with a spring appeared in numerous children that guarantee easy and fast melting pounds. We bring the most common misconceptions about the food, which usually promote just such a child!

Blueberries are better antioxidants than other fruits

Known as super-foods, blueberries are full of antioxidants, but that does not mean they are better than other fruits. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants, like grapefruit, particularly red, which is a lot of cheap and accessible throughout the year.

Light foods help in reducing weight

It all comes in a light version of: soft drinks, energy bars, cereal ... and are always challenging, packed as they create the impression that using them thin. Sometimes these products are full of artificial sweeteners and actually have the same calories as regular products. It is better to eat the original, but in smaller quantities.

Night meals are fattening

Calories are calories, no matter what you eat. Research on monkeys has shown that despite their late installments weight remains the same. The biggest problem are the snacks that we eat (often) a late-night watching TV or a computer.

Eggs raise cholesterol

First, you learn the "one egg every morning ..." and then say they were still wrong and that egg damage blood vessels. It is true that eggs contain cholesterol, but studies suggest that eating eggs in normal amounts does not affect the blood picture . Furthermore, eggs contain vitamin B-12 and D and a number of nutrients, so unless you eat three packets a day-there is no reason to hate them.

Coffee dehydrates

Another deep-rooted myth. Scientists have argued that coffee has diuretic only affect those who have just started to consume, while the "addict" has no such effect, especially if you drink a glass of water.

Margarine damage the heart

Once the margarine produced with a lot of trans-fatty acids, but since there are "reduced" version rich in omega 3 fatty acids, has no fear of heart attack. Some say that the butter still the better option, and some margarine that is, you judge for yourself.

Decaffeinated coffee does not affect the energy

Prepare yourself for a shock: decaffeinated coffee still contains caffeine! This is true on small 5 mg compared with 90 regular coffee contains as much. If you expect now that will still keep you awake-you are wrong because studies say you put down a cup of coffee decaffeinated especially if you drink regular. Dr. Crystal Haskell from the University of Northumbria thinks it is because the body becomes dependent on a certain amount of caffeine and small doses do not mean much.

Keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator

Scientists in Oklahoma found that the instance. melons at room temperature has a double beta-carotene and 20 percent more lycopene than after two weeks was kept in the refrigerator. The same goes for bananas and peaches. True, few people keep fruits for two weeks, but it is good to know.

Want to lose weight eat little and often

Although many children are advised to eat little but often, a researcher Michelle Palmer has revealed that people who eat three healthy meals a day and those who eat just six losing weight. The only difference is that those who ate six meals to lose weight quickly returned. Probably because of frequent snacking unhealthy food after the child and the old habits return.

Raw vegetables are healthier

It is common sense-as long as I cook vegetables, the more nutrients lost. This is not necessarily so, because, for example. carrots when cooked has three times more beta carotene than raw. Likewise, the tomato sauce is healthier than the others that crude should always eat with olive oil to get the maximum impact.

source: www.srecaizdravlje.blogspot.com

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