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Hidden calorie bombs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We all know that the cakes, chocolate, biscuits full of calories. But if you want to bring in top form and remove the pound should be careful and to another favorite food is a source of hidden fat and adds a lot of calories to your daily diet.

Reduce your intake of these ten foods that are rich sources of hidden fat and calories:


- Contains 79 g fat per 100 g of mayonnaise.

Try to avoid making mayonnaise sandwiches tastier by adding spices, tomatoes and peppers. If you like to add to salads mayonnaise yogurt replace it with a lower percentage of fat, grated cheese, which contains little fat or adding a little soy sauce.

Second Nuts

- 100g of nuts containing 77 g fat

Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds can be part of a well balanced low-carbohydrates diets although they are quite fat. These fats do not contribute to increasing the concentration of bad cholesterol

Third Whipped cream

- 50 g fat per 100 g of whipped cream

Try not to drink coffee with cream, avoid it in cakes and fruit salads, coffee in a better place with a reduced amount of milk fat.

4th Peanut butter

- 100 g of peanut butter contains 50 grams of fat.

If you love to eat peanut butter restrict their intake to one teaspoon per week.

5th Snacks Potato

- 100 g of potato chips contains 35 g fat

If you buy snacks, but pay attention to the label on the number of calories contained in each bag, the amount of calories varies from product to product but is almost always very high. Popcorn are better and healthier substitute for a bag of potato chips.

6th Cheese

- 100 g full-fat cheese contains 33 grams of fat

Buy cheeses that contain less fat instead of species such as Gouda, Parmesan, and reduce the food you are putting a lot of cheese or cheese such as pizza, spaghetti, cheeseburgers.

7th Red Meat

Compared with other types of red meat foods do not contain such a high fat content, the problem is that we eat it in large quantities but other foods such as. Sir, during the meal.

Buy meat with less fat such as beef, preparing Remove all visible fat from meat and fry them or cook without adding fat. In turn everyday meals more often fish or chicken. Avoid sausages, salami, sausages in general.

8th Pies and pastries

- 100 g of meat pies containing 23 g fat

Although seemingly not so much fat should consider that the pie bigger portions than the portion of mayonnaise you eat in one meal. Croissants, rolls and other baked products replace with grain or rye.

9th Delicacies fried in plenty of oil

- 100 g donut contains 22 g fat

Frying foods deep fried in no way a good way of preparing food. I always try to prepare food on the grill or cook.

10 Avocados

- 100 g of avocado contains 17 g fat

Avocados are very rarely eat here, but if you ever buy a note that contains a lot of saturated fat and that it should not be eaten with mayonnaise, but possible with lemon juice.

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