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Myths and Realities about healthy food

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Food prepared at home, a traditional recipe, not necessarily healthy, but depending on preparation, and foods such as vegetables and fish can turn into enemies of health!
Opinion that the food was prepared under controlled conditions and a healthy home kitchen is not always desirable correctly! Besides being difficult to get true information about the conditions in which some foods grown and processed food process gives rise to compounds hazardous to the health of certain organs and immune system.

Natural is not always healthy

Many plants and animals produce toxic substances in their natural environment are used to ward off predators or attacking prey. Natural toxins animal, plant or bacteria have diverse chemical structures, and cause different toxic effects. A man can poison the body if accidentally enters the poison plants or animals, and the sting or bite.

During the preparation of food most of these toxins is reduced, the fruits and vegetables, harmful substances caused by pesticides are removed by peeling the bark, preparing the oil removes unpleasant odors of some foods, and meat from the heat treatment removes excess oil. However, food preparation, cooking, sautéing, frying, smoking or firing of an organism or useful compounds are converted to undesirable and even harmful?

What happens on the grill

During the preparation or natural methods of preservation (smoking) among the mutagenic properties resulting from the most abundant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Their chief representative, benz-a-pyrene, created by the roasting, grilling and smoking food, as it changes the properties of proteins contained in food. Under the influence of high temperatures and the mutated proteins, or become carcinogenic and mutagenic.

Barbecue lovers definitely should restrain the desire to enjoy grilled meats, it is similar with ham, sausages and meat fried in oil.

PAH compounds to the fullest extent to create a form when melted fat dripping onto the heat source, gas, coal, wood, and are dispersed and partially accumulates on the surface of meat or fish are grilled on the barbecue.

How to reduce the concentration of PAH compounds in foods?

First Do not use coal as fuel
Second Avoid preparing food over an open fire
Third Get a special barbecue at which fat is prevented from dripping directly onto the heat source.

Each hostess is satisfied with dishes prepared on the surface when it takes on a nice brownish color, which guarantees the delicious flavor and skilful preparation of the evidence. But in the process of making desirable brown color to create a mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds. These compounds affect the changes in biochemical values ​​in blood, body weight gain and lead to the disappearance of brown-black pigment in liver cells. Of course, we should not panic, the concentration of these compounds is not great, and throughout life for most people there is no problem that can cause, but they certainly have an impact on the well-being.

Harmful substances can be avoided

PAH COMPOUNDS. They are found everywhere in the environment as products of decomposition of organic matter under the influence of heat in the foods were found more than 20 PAH compounds, and more than half of them have a carcinogenic effect. At higher concentrations cause tumors in the stomach, ovaries, lymph, and tumors in the breast of bile.

Since it occurs only at elevated temperatures, the food is healthier to prepare the lower temperatures, types of vegetables to choose poor nitrate and reheat! Any reheating increases the concentration of harmful substances.

Nitrates and nitrites

These chemicals are part of canned food and fresh foods, especially vegetables. In the human body, and if not provided with food, nitrite formed from nitrate in the digestive microflora. Thus, vegetables rich in nitrates in the body produce more nitrite.

Nitrites are used for preserving meat and fish products, and prevent bacterial growth and toxin and maintain the natural red color of fresh meat. The main source of nitrate in our diet is vegetables, and the amount of these compounds varies depending on the type, such as cabbage them contains less than spinach, beets and celery.

Misconceptions about spinach

For spinach believed to be very healthy and rich in beneficial ingredients, and in fact is one of the less valuable kinds of vegetables, and in some cases may be harmful. It has significantly less vitamins than, say, fresh cabbage, contain large amounts of nitrate, nitrite in the conversion of the human body have a detrimental effect.

What add beans

Vegetables are a source of minerals, vitamins and fiber needed for normal functioning of the body and strengthening the immune system, but because of the conversion of nitrate to nitrite dangerous it must be carefully prepared.

Carrot soup, after a cooked, reheat is not recommended because it becomes toxic. Broth containing carrots and other vegetables to cook for one meal. If however you plan to eat for dinner or the next day, strain it, remove the vegetables and water and keep after it cook fresh vegetables. Water in which you cook some dried smoked product, do not use for cooking beans, because the mixture of spices from the brine in combination with nitrates digest toxic and harmful compounds.

And what would it be healthy?

The vegetables and meats and grains, but at least worked. Vegetables, if possible, eat fresh, lightly seasoned or short cook. All the best to eat foods immediately after preparation, do not overdo, overdo, or fry. Also, unless necessary, do not leave for dinner or for a second or third day. More or less, all food is healthy in its own way, but well prepared and healthy.

source: www.srecaizdravlje.blogspot.com

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