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25 misconceptions about food and drink

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Sugar leads to caries
Caries occurs when the merge of three things: bacteria, carbohydrates and time. Sweets do not harm the teeth, where it is carried out regular and thorough dental hygiene. Worse is when they eat foods full of starches such example. potato chips and oatmeal and then do not wash their teeth.Starch is a long chain of fruit sugar. Pure sugar with saliva will be quickly removed, and full of starchy foods glued remains on the teeth to create the substrate for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Second The best oil is olive oil
There is no doubt that olive oil is healthy, but canola oil is healthier because it contains much more important Omega 3 fatty acids The rankings are good oils: linseed oil, soybean oil and walnut oil.What is called cooking oil or vegetable oil is almost always the colza oil.

Third Coffee pulls water from the body
Favorite drink a challenge for us to affect the operation of the urinary bladder. But that just means that we have on the toilet faster than with a cup of herbal tea. It is crucial that the body does not release more liquid than it receives. Therefore, coffee may belong to a daily amount of fluid that needs to take a two to three liters.

4th Margarine contains fewer calories than butter.
Delusion! And margarine and butter contain about 80 grams of fat and that is 750 calories per 100 grams. Diet margarine contains less fat than the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids prevent the disease. Anyone who wants to avoid the introduction of fat in the body consumes some margarine and butter with half the calories (360).

5th Chocolate spoils ten
Rubbish! Good or bad looking skin is genetically conditioned. The worst enemies of your skin as smoking and sun. Pimples are almost always hormonal cause.

6th Anyone who wants to lose weight should eat smaller meals.
This is bad advice! Snacks that contain carbohydrates raise insulin. This prevents the breakdown of fat and causes the food to fat cells. Three main meals and one hour in between fasting insulin lead to sleep which promotes fat burning. Glad to be in between meals to quench fasting spicy cheese which add sliced ​​peppers, tomato or fruit.

7th Those that feed on as residents of Crete, can live 100 years and even 110 and then another burst of Health. This is due to Crete traditional food which contains lots of fruits and vegetables, bread, lentils, fresh fish and oil that is produced from olives Koroneiki. But in the middle of the Mediterranean countries the situation is slowly changing. It is assumed that the reason for greatly increased consumption of meat.

8th Children should eat a salad
Lettuce is healthy but does not contain any more nutrients that are also found in other fruits and vegetables. Carrots and melons contain more beta carotene. Broccoli, cauliflower and fennel contain more vitamin C. The salad was represented folic acid with 75 micrograms per 100 grams of lettuce and plays an important role in cell formation. Tomato contains half a pepper-third of folic acid. Nitrate content in lettuce grown in greenhouses often exceeds the value that is recommended by the National Institute for the Control products. It is therefore advisable to use products grown in a natural way.

9th Fruit sugar is fattening
It would be nice if it were true. New research shows that fruit sugar as opposed to normal sugar stimulates the creation of fat depots, especially in men worsens blood test. Estrogen women working on the tie.

10th Sugar decreases the amount of calcium in the body
Over 90 years, that statement is a misconception of law. Based on the fact that the research that is conducted in Japan showed that animal bones could not properly constructed because they gave large amounts of sugar without the addition of vitamin D (responsible for the con bones). It was assumed that the soft bones of sugar was responsible. This misconception has spread the world and I still believe in it. If the body receives a bad calcium, then it is the products which contain oxalate acid such as spinach, beets, chard. celery, rhubarb, cocoa and chocolate.

11th Mushrooms are not reheat
Mushrooms contain a lot of water and on average how many proteins are found in milk and dairy products. For this reason, quickly break down. For proteins that are found in mushrooms may arise harmful substances that appear in the decomposition holds them longer at room temperature. A meal with mushrooms is therefore necessary to keep in the refrigerator for no longer than one day if it is good to heat, there is nothing in the way that it is eaten with pleasure.

12th Sugar reduces the amount of vitamin
And this statement is a fallacy! When the biochemical conversion of fruit sugar (= glucose / blood sugar) plays an important role vitamin B1. In contrast to previous assumptions in which it was thought that there would be dissolved, it was concluded to be repeatedly used for the conversion.Important: each type of carbohydrates, ranging from fruit sugar and starch, are thus degraded in the body. In addition, vitamin B1 is used for the breakdown of protein and fat.

13th Sugar affects the increased activity
Research in the seventies and eighties of last century have confirmed this fact. Some other researchers have disputed them in turn. Most experts increased activity of children justifies the uniqueness of metabolism in the brain.

14th Sweets is a need to allocate more parts

15th Consuming artificial sweeteners are harmful

16th Fresh milk is healthier than permanent
Fresh milk is tastier and contains little more vitamins than permanent, but the difference is so small that it is not worth mentioning.

17th The use of aluminum cookware harmful effect on health
The use of aluminum cookware is the State Office for the risk assessment and the WHO organization rated as safe. Aluminum is an element that appears in the body in trace amounts. And scientists can be fooled with the claim that example. apple puree, sauerkraut, tomato can free aluminum from aluminum dishes. Aluminum from the body completely disappears.However, those who want to be absolutely sure, use an enamelled or anodised cookware.

18th Dried fruits are healthy and honey sweets
If sugar is not healthy, then it can not be any honey (contains 78% sugar) or a dried fruit (contains 45% sugar). Dried fruit is especially beneficial for caries because it sticks to your teeth. By the way: brown sugar has no advantage over white sugar. Only he has a better flavor.

19th Mineral water without oxygen challenge for
Deep inhalation and exhalation brings better results. According to today's experiences, through the stomach and intestines into the blood due very small amounts of oxygen.

20th Brown bread is healthier than white
If the bread used for coloring mulch, in reality we actually bought bread from white flour. This bread contains less vitamins, minerals and ballast substances. In the bakery because you only look for bread wheat.

21st Secondary plant substances protect against cancer, heart attack and aging Flavonoids and vitamins positive effect on high blood pressure, and the value cholesterol cells exclusively in containers for use in experiments and in animal experiments.Therefore, we can not talk about the bad effects and to what degree they are good also not known.

22nd Water and nuts
Water on the cucumbers and gooseberries will lead to abdominal pain ... Fruit which is added to water does not swell or so in the stomach. The consumption of unwashed fruit that contains yeast fungi and microorganisms that promote digestion is what leads to problems in the process of digestion. In general, gastric acid makes the germs not harmful. If you come into the stomach a large quantity of water, stomach acid would be so diluted that it can no longer perform that function. To prevent germs from entering fruit it must always follow. Those directly from the tree or bush picked fruit would have to wait at least half an hour before you reach for a glass of water.

23rd Spinach contains lots of iron
Many children carry childhood traumas when they see a plate full of spinach. And this despite the fact that for 80 years knows that a floating point error in stating the amount of iron content, spinach gave a good reputation as a holder of large amounts of iron. Compared with other types of vegetable is spinach good food. The only pity is that the oxalate acids that weaken the receipt of spinach contains iron in the body.

24th Pork is pure fat
This statement is the past. With newly cultivated species of pigs and different way to achieve that we have pieces of meat that contain fat in the sale of a thinner piece of muscle mass more common. A pork fillet was 20 years ago contained 12% fat, boiling today only 2.4%. With beef tenderloin is the value fell to 4.2%.

25th Mixed dried fruit, raisins, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.., As food for the brain
From this we become smarter. Before we will be tired and to increase weight if you eat them in large quantities. Bag of 100 grams contains 500 to 700 calories. Hazelnuts, almonds and so are food for the nerves to the brain but only the food that gets fruit sugar from the blood. At long learning is something still can be consumed as a combination of sugar (the amount of raisins: 60 to 70%) and fat (almonds, hazelnuts: 40 to 70%) affect the stability of blood sugar.

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