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Lies on labels for food

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How food manufacturers are lying on labels?

Juices, sweets and meat products are on the market as a low-calorie foods produced on a natural basis

Ordinary candies (read: one hundred percent sugar) are sold as stores vitamins, most normal yogurt contains miraculous ingredients that address all stomach problems and reduce the volume of waist as you say biscuits. A biscuits are produced from dietary cereals and is therefore infinite in them can enjoy.

Proportion to the alleged quality of these products is growing, and of course the price. What does a dozen more dollars, if we keep it in your line and health. But most, however, realized that it was false or very tightly the data, that the minimal percentage has to do with reality.

What you are actually behind the eye-catching packaging?

Therefore, the German association for the protection of consumers decided to put an end to "selling the empty straw." Who feels cheated on false data packets can be appealed recently to the website "lebensmittelklarheit.de" which comments on and informs citizens on disputed products.

Any reasoned appeal is considered and examined separately. For the charge to Federal Centre for Consumer Protection (vzbv). "If the criticism is based list it shows on the station. Manufacturer controversial product has seven days to respond to the complaint, which also appears later on the Internet, "explained a Janina Löbel, which oversees the project.

Löbel very satisfied with the current situation which has surpassed all expectations. 20 million internet users visited this page namely the first four days of its existence, and the media have so far received 2000 applications related to different foods.

It looks so delicious, but ...

Much of the previous comments related to the products where the details listed on the cover did not correspond to realities. Löbel gave the following example: photo shows the actual frozen product sumptuous meal of chicken, while in fact a variety of residues in processed chicken and "non-chicken" pieces of meat.

Consumers are complaining because of misinformation about the country of origin of certain products. "Sir posing as French but is actually manufactured in Germany, the bag of soup is" with no flavor enhancers "but we read the list of ingredients in the soup that contained yeast extract," commented Löbel.

On the shelves of supermarkets   are frequent and veal sausages that are largely made of pork.Producers here do not even break the law because the hot dogs still contain a small percentage of beef, but for consumers, this type of advertising is unacceptable.

Löbel states that the long-term goal of this portal, which the state received 775 000 euros, to collect valid data about products, to better inform the public and contribute to the improvement of German law on foodstuffs.

Manufacturers as scapegoats

But producers do not share the opinion of the founders of "lebensmittelklarheit.de." They think that this initiative is totally unnecessary. On their side the   Ministry for the Protection of Producers who argues that in this portal is a citizens' subjective assessments that may jeopardize the livelihoods of producers and market traders. She added that the Head of Consumer Protection is increasingly engaged in evaluating the product rather than public information, and thus loses its neutrality and objectivity.

Many federal organizations protect producers and consider the products that are otherwise completely acceptable in this portal are exposed on the pillory.   They pointed out that consumers have enough effort closer to its customers through   number of telephone lines, internet sites and surveys. "lebensmittelklarheit.de" are thus characterized as overly critical and aggressive move.

"Of course the manufacturers complain because such a portal is definitely not in favor," said Steffen from Kushner   Service of the Federal Consumer Protection, and added that some manufacturers are much more relaxed and accepted the criticism made contact with customers. It has been reported  14 packaging changed as a result of just "lebensmittelklarheit.de a".

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