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Sport and a little alcohol for long life

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Being on the move every day and drink a little alcohol makes a healthier and longer life. This is the result of research conducted by conducted by experts from the University of Copenhagen, and published in the journal European Heart Journal. Research has proven that people who never drink a glass of wine and who are not engaged in any sort of physical activity have a higher risk of mortality (30 - 49 percent) due to cardiovascular disease compared to people who regularly consumed after a meal and a glass of wine regularly involved in sports. The study included almost 12,000 Danes, men and women aged over 20 years (gathered in the Copenhagen City Heart Study) and followed them for 20 years.

During this period, the participants appeared in 1242 cases of fatal ischemic heart disease, and death cases (for different reasons) was 5,901th The data on the respondents were divided on the basis of alcohol (zero, medium, high) and the time they devoted to sports activities (inactive, low or medium activity, high activity). They found that people who do not consume alcohol have a 30 percent higher risk of death due to ischemic heart disease than people who consume alcohol moderately. People who drink alcohol and do sports manage to reduce the risk of 30 percent compared to people who drink but do not do sports. People who drink a week at least one glass of wine and do sports to have 50 percent fewer opportunities to become a victim of ischemic problems in relation to people who drink and live a sedentary lifestyle.

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