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How many times a day we should eat?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

There are theories that claim that five or six small meals a day is ideal for maintaining a perfect line. Others, however, argue that the theory of three regular and ample meals a perfect measure. You wonder who is right?
Nutritionists can not seem to agree what is better for our body. Is it better to eat often, or a bit more correct to keep the recipe - three meals a day.

The latest U.S. research says that to lose weight better sit at the table and eat three specific meals during the day but eat more mini-meals.

Experts from Purdue University in the U.S. state of Indiana have found that obese men who carry one of the prescribed diet is low in calories and high protein were fed when they ate three times a day rather than six times a day, officials said.

The study involved 27 men with excessive body weight, which were divided into two groups so that half of the respondents conducted during 12 weeks of diet or with high or normal protein intake.Number of meals during the day did not affect the appetite of men who ate normal amounts of protein, but those with high intake who ate three meals a day were fed evening and late at night.

Otherwise, the American Society for obesity is considered a health problem number one.

"The popular press is a lot written about the number of meals throughout the day. Although the widespread belief that it is better to eat several small meals, it seems that they are not as useful for the control of appetite as well as larger meals, "said a scientist from the University of Missouri, Dr. Heather Lajdi, Tanjug reports.

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