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Lemon as a cure

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lemon (Citrus x lemon lat.) is known as a treatment for cardiovascular disease, migraines and aging. Lemon herb is also used to remove sun spots and red, improves the complexion, restores skin and hair, helps with stress, a hundred grams of lemon contains only 26 calories.

The fruit contains 30 percent lemon juice, which has six to eight per cent of citric acid, and vitamins A, B and C. All ingredients are lemon, but especially vitamin C, strengthens bones and connective tissue, protect against infection, reduce susceptibility to cracking and capillaries are important in protecting the gums.

Lemon is good even with spinach, because it improves assimilation of iron from it. This fruit is also used as a blood cleanser, diuretic, mixed with honey helps prevent angina, a dilute lemon used to treat eczema and warts.

Long before modern pharmacology lemon used as a medicine. First of all, it is considered an effective tool against the bleeding of open wounds and cleaning purulent. Lemon is indispensable in the treatment of scurvy, they knew more ancient seafarers who are away on each trip took with them large supplies of lemons.

In Sicily, which had major problems with the supply of drinking water, always in all water supplies put fresh lemon halves. People know from experience that lemon disinfects the water, and modern science has confirmed this. Perhaps the ancient practice habits that arises today is served water with lemon flap.

100 g of lemon covers 71% of daily requirement of vitamin C for adults and 7% of daily requirement of potassium, calcium 1% and 9% magnesium.

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