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Myths about food that are destroyed

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who consumes the eggs will die of a heart attack, the food in the microwave is a radioactive, raw food is healthier to eat it because we take enzymes, so they do not need our bodies produce. All these are myths that are hard to kill, says, "Huffington Post", but scientists warn us that they are all false.

First Eggs are bad for the heart

It is not true that eggs are bad for your heart, say researchers. "Epidemiological studies have shown that healthy people are allowed to eat one egg a day without a problem," said professor of nutrition at the University of Penn in the U.S., Kris-Etherton Penni. The amount of cholesterol that enter the body does not have a major impact on blood cholesterol levels, and our body compensates for the increased intake of cholesterol so that it reduce its production of lipids.

Second Corn syrup is worse than sugar

The idea that the syrup with high fructose more harmful than regular sugar is not correct. The composition of corn syrup is nearly identical to regular sugar. In short, the syrup is no worse or better than regular sugar.

Third Eating raw food provides us with the necessary enzymes for healthy digestion

Some advocates claim that raw food diet raw food improves digestion and "saves" enzymes in the body so they were taken over the food. This is totally groundless. Our bodies have a limited amount of enzymes produced by life. Enzymes are essential for life, our bodies produce them successfully.

4th Heated in a microwave oven deduct food nutrients

This is completely wrong. Use the microwave, charcoal grills or oven based on solar energy, only the temperature of the cooking that takes away the nutrients, not methods. Due to the fact that food in a microwave oven cooks faster, it can help minimize loss of nutrients.

5th The radiation from the microwave creates harmful substances in food

You might mention the radiation falls on the mind images of nuclear power, but literally means the radiation energy that travels in waves and spreads as it travels. Radiation is used for cooking food is much smaller than the X-or gamma rays. Cooking in the microwave is no different than any other cooking method, experts explain.

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