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Green tea is extremely healthy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Green tea leaves obtained by processing the tea plant Camellia sinensis - high bush with small, glossy, serrated leaves. The plant process steam and dry air in order not to destroy enzymes.

Beneficial effects
This drink contains valuable substances such as polyphenols, catechin, quercetin, caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, vitamin C, E, B and K, minerals and trace elements, zinc, potassium, magnesium, which have diuretic properties.
It is a powerful antioxidant as it prevents the activity of free radicals that cause the occurrence of cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases. In addition, clean the body of toxins, increases metabolism, reduces pain, slows the aging process and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Is effective against inflammation, regulates the thyroid gland, works against depression, relieves rheumatic complaints, protects against decay, regenerate the liver.

Improves memory
People who regularly consume green tea exhibited significantly lower risk of dementia in old age. Studies have shown that caffeine from tea irritate the cerebral cortex, which quickly connects one thought. This increases the ability of memory, improve concentration, motivation and stamina, and intellectual work becomes easier and more successful. Some components of green tea may protect brain cells from hiking processes that accompany Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

It speeds up metabolism and melt fat
The flavonoids in green tea, especially the catechin, prevents harmful effects of free radicals that are most responsible for the loss of skin tone. Catechin accelerates the elimination of excess fluids and along with caffeine stimulates lipolysis, stimulates the elimination of fat metabolism and starts.Recent research at the University of Geneva have confirmed that the active properties of green tea significantly reduced daily calorie intake. To take full advantage of the positive properties of this beneficial beverage, pour a full teaspoon of leaves in 170 - 200 ml boiling water and leave to rest for two to four minutes, not longer, because he loses so stimulating effect. Strain and drink a cup of tea in the morning during breakfast and afternoon (to encourage drainage). One cup of tea a day is enough dosage of green tea that may encourage tissue drainage and expel excess fluid from the body.

Protects against cancer
Green tea prevents the continuation and progression of cancer. Catechins, which abounds in this potion prevents urokinase enzyme activity, responsible for the replacement of healthy cells cancerous. When urokinase is blocked, cancer cells are dying because they lose their source of protein. Japanese scientists have discovered that green tea is effective in preventing cancer and esophageal cancer, helps prevent cancer of the stomach, liver and prostate, and improves the health status of patients with malignant disease. Antioxidants that can protect and contain the changes in DNA structure caused by the harmful influence of UV rays, and have recently been working intensively on the cream formulas with ingredients of green tea are good protection against skin cancer.

It rejuvenates
Daily consumption of green tea slows down the aging of the skin and prevents dryness. Three cups a day can help the skin to recover from the harmful effects of sunlight. For this reason, green tea is more often a major ingredient of many cosmetic products.

Relieves allergies
Results of scientific studies have shown that regular use of green tea can bring relief to people suffering from allergies. Researchers in Japan have identified an ingredient of green tea that blocks a key cell receptor involved in the development of allergic responses.

Each type of green tea has certain properties
Green tea can buy at almost any supermarket, the filter bags. Also, some health food stores sell it in powder form (Preparation: Pour two tablespoons of powder with hot but not boiling water). In addition to drinks, and there are granules or capsules of green tea that contain higher doses of active polyphenols.
"Gun Powder" is a strong Chinese green tea with lipolytic and diuretic properties. Dried leaves from plants that are the beverage prepared are twisted into balls and balls look like gunpowder, hence its name.
"Assam Green" is an Indian green tea which strongly encourages the physiological process of purifying and toning properties is strong.
"Banks in" is a Japanese green tea is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A, which strengthens the body.
"Gyokuro" in Japanese means "the gentle drops of dew," and it is a type of green tea that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and is ideal for stimulating the metabolism.
"Match" is a Japanese green tea powder. Prevents aging of cells and restores skin tone, and contains 10 times more antioxidants than regular green tea.

source: www.srecaizdravlje.blogspot.com

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