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A great way to start eating healthy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Changing your diet may initially require more effort, especially if your family likes food that is unhealthy. But before you start to introduce changes, ensure that new measures indeed healthier.

Follow the news from the superficial areas of health, could you do to food is fat-free and one that has the least calories healthiest. But not so. Fats are not necessarily bad, and sometimes allow the normal digestion. Preservatives, genetically modified ingredients and unhealthy sugar substitutes can be found everywhere. So let your first rule is - do not eat or ready-to-cook food. Cook meals from whole, raw foods and you will know exactly what's on your plate. Eat the right foods!

First Stop buying processed drinks

Try at least one day to prepare yourself a fresh drink. Do not buy soft drinks, instant teas, sports drinks or juice in cartons rather than squeeze yourself fruits and vegetables. Time to fake sugars and refined to be less represented in your diet. Even the juices that say that the proportion of fruit is actually 100% pasteurized and most of the good ingredients no longer exist. In these juices will find only synthetic vitamins and minerals. And cold coffee and tea you can make yourself. And finally, drink more water.

Second Wise with dairy products

If you choose between butter and margarine, butter always choose. Margarine is the brainchild of Human containing processed fats that harm your body. No, butter is be moderate. Due to large amounts of antibiotics and hormones given to cows, if at all possible to buy dairy products from organic production. Ideally, the cows were grazing on the grass field. Milk and dairy products contain less fat DO NOT BUY! Fat from milk required to digest these foods and to get enough vitamins and minerals.

Third Eat a hot breakfast

You may not get every morning to cook eggs, porridge or an omelette, but make sure it is as often as possible. If anything, the hot toast spread honey or homemade jam. If you do not like oatmeal, add the fruit that you like. Sometimes you leave yogurt at room temperature overnight and morning mixed with fruit. You do not always cook, but definitely stay away from the cereal, sweetened cereals and cookies.

4th Get to know your butcher

Buy meat from local butchers. Ask him where he purchased the meat. Do not believe him, get the meat out of someone from the countryside.

5th Throw out the microwave

Microwave ovens heat food well, well enough to destroy most of the nutrients. Microwave changes the molecular composition of the food we eat. If it warms frozen meal, you need not worry because it already has too many nutrients. Microwave you do not really need. Unless you intend to continue to eat processed and semi-finished meals.

6th Dry is better than canned

BPA chemicals found in plastics found in the interior of the can. Studies have shown that the harmful chemicals found in canned food, especially if it is sour, like tomatoes.

7th Do not buy if the label says HFCS, fructose corn syrup, glucose / fructose syrup

Corn syrup, high fructose a cheap substitute for sugar. I even have the same taste, digested and broken down differently - is harmful to the body.

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