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Coffee, strong as death, sweet as love

Monday, February 13, 2012

Black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love, words are an old Turkish proverb which describes all known to us-drink coffee. In the morning a good start on the afternoon of pleasure, few people will forgive a bad made coffee. In normal amounts   helps to eliminate fatigue, improve mental capacity, but few are aware of the fact that coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, which have positive effects on body functions. It does not mean that coffee can replace fruits and vegetables, but definitely looking forward to all coffee lover.

But like many drugs is coffee should be moderate. It has long been known that the main ingredient in coffee - caffeine addiction develops. The mass consumption of coffee began the industrial revolution and the need to keep people awake,   and today is synonymous with the invitation to spend the evening.

Moderate coffee consumption is not harmful, but if you take large amounts of caffeine, the body is literally "pulled". Dependency on coffee is sometimes so great that the body no more coffee can not wake up.   Since caffeine is a strong diuretic, draws water from the body, so it is with coffee   always advisable to drink water. In short the coffee and caffeine should know. How dangerous is however the fact that it treats the International Olympic Committee suspended as drugs, treated as doping (limited findings in the urine of competitors). The concentration of 12 mg / l is acceptable, but anything above that   it is allowed. About eight cups of strong coffee can "make" findings in the urine even at 1 000 mg / l!

Black Coffee Party

Excessive caffeine enjoying the strain on the heart and blood vessels (constriction),   it provokes   gastric acid secretion, disrupts the natural cycle of waking and sleeping, in higher doses, causes hand tremors, nervousness, diarrhea, reduced fine motor coordination, draws calcium and iron from the body. Like any other addiction, even this is not easy to solve. The experts recommend gradually reducing the amount of coffee. In short, we need the will and consistency, as well as during withdrawal from cigarettes. How coffee works? Caffeine is already 15 minutes after drinking the blood and as long as it's there, it works! What is often taken, less work and higher amounts does not improve the situation, but it gets worse. Coffee helps release "stress hormone" cortisol and adrenaline. Together, they help us respond to stress and provide energy and vitality throughout the day.Addicted to coffee secrete more cortisol and adrenaline than those who do not drink coffee, which ultimately results can be tired and exhausted. What many forget not only the caffeine in coffee and other drinks, but ... So ask yourself how much of this stimulating drugs enter the body by coffee?

The tea has caffeine

It is known that tea (especially black) contain caffeine. The   caffeine in tea was discovered in 1827. However caffeine in tea, unlike coffee, does not adversely affect the heart and circulation, but increases blood flow and metabolism in the brain. The tea has 30% less caffeine than coffee.


Coffee is a fruit, a living entity that operates under its own specifics, and it is necessary to understand the special features that could prepare a quality beverage. Until the late 17th century, coffee was considered a drug and not drink for pleasure. Some appreciated its value in the digestion, while others pointed to its harm, and argued that it makes men impotent or even sterile.

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