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Do you know how healthy is green tea?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In recent years, more and more stories about green tea and beneficial effects on health. The secret of green tea has been known since ancient times. Many wise things have come from the east, as far as many of us do not want to admit. Today I will talk about the East-West, but I will certainly delight to tell a story about health that comes from the miracle of green plants. 

Green tea is very healthy. It contains a number of useful components such as catechin, polyphenols, caffeine, theophylline, quercetin, theobromine, vitamins C, E, B and K, minerals and oligoelements, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Green tea is excellent for detoxifying the body, helps control body weight and fat loss, acts as a diuretic and prevents fluid retention in the body. A beneficial effect on blood circulation and slows the aging brain. It also slows down the overall aging of the organism.

Green tea has a positive effect on the health of the skin. This miracle drink contains antioxidants in large quantities, and participates in protection against cancer and diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Green tea speeds up the overall metabolism, rids the body of excess toxins, relieves pain and reduces blood lipids, particularly cholesterol.
Research of green tea have been shown to act anti-regulates the thyroid gland, is effective against depression, helps in liver regeneration and protects health came to pass, as it prevents the formation of cavities.

Green tea is really great!

Green tea rejuvenates and slows aging. Prevents drying of the skin. Prevents damage caused by sunlight.Increasingly being used as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

Green tea improves memory. People who consume green tea regularly have a lower chance of developing dementia. caffeine in green tea speeds up the process of thinking and decision-making. Positive effect on memory and concentration and motivation. Preventive effect on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Green tea speeds up metabolism and promotes fat loss. The flavonoids in green tea, especially the catechins neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals that are the main reason for the loss of skin tone. Catechin speeds up the elimination of excess fluids and together with caffeine stimulates decomposition and elimination of fat. Recent research at the University of Geneva confirmed that the active properties of green tea significantly affect the reduction of daily calories.
Green tea relieves allergies.

When making green tea, then tea leaves should not stand in the water for more than 3 minutes.

Green tea protects against cancer. Catechins blocking the enzyme urokinase, which is one of the factors of the development of cancer. The researchers in Japan have shown that green tea is effective in the prevention of breast cancer, and esophageal cancer, and to prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, prostate, and liver, and improves the health of the persons who are already suffering from cancer.Antioxidants contained in green tea reduce the number of mutations of DNA structures that cause harmful UV rays, and has lately been making intensive cream with green tea to protect against skin cancer.

I hope I'm not too tired. I'm going to drink my cup of green tea before continuing with the daily work duties.
Have a nice, happy and successful day. 

Magnetic Therapy - The New Natural Health Treatment

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Perhaps you have a chronic health condition and you have sought out various types of alternative treatments to find relief. Have you ever checked into the advantages there are to using natural health care for another method of pain relief or to alleviate symptoms of your disorder? Magnetic therapy is just one of many forms of alternative methods that many people are using for the treatment of a variety of ailments and health related issues.

Magnetic Therapy - The New Natural Health Treatment
magnetic health therapy

Maybe you have never before heard of this natural health therapy, but are wondering about different methods of treating your particular issue. Magnetic therapy is done by using magnets on certain parts of the body and has been used for many centuries throughout Asia, India, Greece and Egypt. It has only recently begun to gain popularity in Europe and North America in the past few years, and is still regarded as experimental.

The art of magnetic treatment has been used on more than 150 million people all over the world and clinical studies have shown its effectiveness in pain relief, health and all-over wellness. The therapy provides relief for a wide variety of ailments and there have been no reported cases of illness or injury from the use of magnetic treatments. For this reason alone it is a very popular alternative treatment that many people are now using to relieve common health problems.

Everything on Earth -- whether it be plant, animal or human being -- responds to a magnetic field. It is important for people to note that while magnetic health therapy has many wonderful qualities, it is not to be considered as a cure for serious medical conditions. Magnetic therapy should only be used as a treatment alternative and natural therapy for the human body. For these reasons alone, it is a good idea to read up about everything concerning the world of magnetic health treatment, so that you understand everything involved.

An emerging new technology in magnetic health therapy is Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. This new technology promises to take natural health care to a new level. With Pulsed Magnetic Therapy an additional therapeutic element is introduced. That is the element of electrical current. Just like the minute electrical currents that flow in the brain (know as Alpha waves) there are small electrical currents that flow within the body. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy acts like a small electrical motor to induce minute electrical current flow at targeted treatment points along channels of the body. This has the same effect as acupuncture and produces the same medical benefits. Common health problems, pain, and other health related issues including immune system abnormalities can be treated naturally.

Magnetic health therapy is a wonderful treatment alternative for such conditions as sinus pain, general and migraine headaches, stress and anxiety reduction, skin allergy, improving the immune system and several other ailments and disorders. If you suffer from chronic or acute pain, checking into magnetic therapy may be a good alternative to some of the more invasive treatments you may have already tried. Magnetic health therapy is not designed to replace any type of medical treatment, it is only to be used as a natural therapy in conjunction with maintaining a healthful lifestyle and doing what is best for your overall health.

Today you need to drink a cup of tea from the rosehip

Monday, November 4, 2013

Have you ever see the flowers of rosehip with their nicecolor? Tea made from red rosehip  is very tasty and healthy. You can combine it with lemon, honey and cinnamon. It improves mood, reduces pain and has a positive effect on the immune system. Jam bar is the first gourmet treat.

Rosehip is very good for all of us who occasionally have indigestion and stomach problems, especially in spring and autumn. Previously, of course, takes off some serious causes problems with the stomach. It is also useful for problems with bladder and urinary tract infections. A positive effect on mood and improves circulation.

Rosa canina or rosehip is a hundreds of years known medicinal plant. It contains large amounts of minerals, vitamins, organic acids and many other substances that are healthy for our body. The small red fruits contain plenty of vitamin C, B, K, P, vitamin A, flavonoids, tannins, sodium, citric and malic acid, sugar and pectin. Rosehip also contains protein, fiber, carbohydrates and useful. Should be harvested in the fall in September and October, the dry weather. Rosehip need to be harvested tough, not when unripe or overripe.

Rose Hip stimulates immunity. Has an impact on the prevention of internal bleeding reduces the amount of menstrual bleeding. Positive effect on the kidneys and urinary tract. It stimulates urination and has a diuretic effect.
Tea from rosehip is especially useful for mothers who breastfeed their babies. Vitamin C and passes into milk increases immunity in infants.
Tea and rose hip jam is good for the prevention of deficiency disease, reduces the symptoms of gastritis, relieves fatigue.
Recent studies have shown that examines the formation of stones in the kidney.
It has a very positive effect on the digestive organs. Rosehip Jam contains fiber that are beneficial to our gut. This plant has a positive effect on the persistent and annoying hemorrhoids.

Rosehip has analgesic activity and helps with various types of pain, sand and stones in the gallbladder.
Tea bar is very tasty, especially when an add a little honey, cinnamon, milk and a few bitter almonds.
When you can not decide what tea you drink today, choose a small, red pomegranate. Enjoy!

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